SMM-trends 2022: What will be the marketing in social networks

To make it easier and faster to create an SMM strategy for the brand or edit the existing one (we hope it is the second!), here is the list of SMM trends for 2022. From this article you will learn what will be relevant in marketing on different social platforms and you will be able to update your plans for the next year.

Trends in SMM in 2022

All of this information is based on a social media trends report developed by the Talkwalker platform and marketer software developer HubSpot. More than 70 experts, including both managers and marketing directors, participated in the analysis.

#10. Remix – a new type of user-generated content

Remix culture originated in the music industry. Artists take the original track of a popular track or some parts of it and add new sounds, effects, change the tempo and tone. By the number of listens the remix can easily surpass the original. Moreover, it allows the authors to emphasize their own individuality and stand out from the general background of the musicians. The same thing happened with the visual content. You will definitely not have a problem finding videos in which users overlay soundtracks from trending videos on their videos. TikTok is especially crawling with them.

The year 2022 will bring even more remix content. After all, new applications do not just allow you to distribute such videos, but also make it easier and more convenient to create them.

Marketers should not miss the trend for remixes. This is a great way to interact with the audience and get more coverage for their companies. If you become an original content creator yourself and involve users in creating remixes of it, the brand will gain recognition very quickly.

Important: Promotion through TikTok in 2020-2021 has already been mastered by many major brands. Among them are Guess, MacDonald`s, Fanta, Pepsi and others. And one of the most popular branded chelongs belongs to EOS lip balms, which received a profit in the form of 5 billion views.

#9. COVID-19 principles in content.

Even if the coronavirus pandemic ends soon (which is highly unlikely), its effects will be felt for years to come. It will especially affect the communications of brands and their customers. Therefore, it is worth adapting any interaction with the audience under the four key principles of COVID:

community – companies and their customers should be united by a common goal;

contactless – replace offline with online where possible;

клеanliness – adhere to digital hygiene and don’t contaminate the informational space with fakes and manipulations;

compassion – take an inclusive approach by being responsive to different CA groups.

All principles come down to making company communications less promotional and more human.

#8. Communicating through memes

Experts recommend leaving emoticons and gifs for communicating with the older generation. Millennials and representatives of the Z-generation are much more interesting to interact with memes. Some brands even use this type of content for different kinds of manipulation, normalization of the level of negativity towards the company and other image tricks.

Important: Memes can both benefit and harm the brand. Therefore, in 2022 you need to be able not only to express your ideas in a funny way, but also to defend yourself from memes if you need to.

SMM trends for 2022 Young users always respond positively to memes

#7. Nostalgic marketing.

As 2021 passes on hiatus, many people lack positive vibes in their daily lives. The way out of this situation is through memes. Pleasant flashbacks from the past always evoke a sentimental impulse. If we now consider the idea in the context of advertising creativity, the likelihood of getting the coveted click greatly increases. That’s how nostalgic marketing works.

Tip: The trigger to evoke nostalgia in the user can be the words “like it used to be”, “original”, “remember”, “that same taste”.

#6. Talking to your audience is a top priority

Marketing 2022 is not a one-way game. In order to achieve your sales goal, you need to increase audience engagement through a story you’ve lived with them.

Quality communication with existing and potential customers can include:

  • providing useful information;
  • conducting offline and online events;
  • social surveys;
  • charitable or social projects.

Reciprocal actions lead to engagement and, as a result, contribute to sales.

Important: Take advantage of omnichannel to continuously communicate with your audience.

#5. Video games are the driving force behind content

The impact of video games on users’ lives has become especially strong during the pandemic, when people are forced to abstain from social contact. Moreover, each of the games forms its own society, with similar interests and propensity to make certain decisions.

In the SMM Trends Forecast for 2022, marketers believe that brands will undoubtedly focus on video games. Online entertainment will be the driving force behind content creation.

Important: Games exist for more than just enjoyable pastime. They provide players with certain benefits – developing relevant skills, providing social contacts and other things that are valued in the real world.

Coronavirus lockdown triggered a surge in video game popularity

#4. “Old School” Marketing.

Some trends go away as fast as they come. And few have the ability to circulate in the public consciousness. These are the ones that are worth applying in 2022 to interact with audiences on social media.

Why is this a good idea? Proven methods work better than disruptive new creativity. Especially in times of uncertainty. They build trust and increase brand loyalty because the consumer is already familiar with the communication format beforehand.

#3. Social media giants will be relevant

Those platforms for SMM that are dominant today will remain relevant in 2022. They may have new features, and forms of interaction with the audience will adapt to fashion trends, but the degree of influence will not diminish from this.

That said, social media consultant Matt Nevering believes that social networks will be even more regulated by government and users.

#2. Life without “fakes.”

The year 2021 erased the line between fact and fiction. Perhaps it can be considered a record-breaking year for disinformation on the Web.

It is expected that in 2022 brands will carefully filter the information published in social networks and reduce the number of “fakes”.

Experts recommend prioritizing the reduction of malicious content in accounts.

#1. Social awareness.

Here. The number one trend, according to a study by Talkwalkers and Hubspot. Socially conscious Generation Z and the rising Generation Alpha have significantly impacted brands’ social media behavior in 2021, as well as society as a whole.

To hold the audience’s attention, in 2022, companies will have to focus even more on topics such as mental health, inclusion and tolerance. Otherwise, they will become irrelevant to potential customers and risk losing more of their existing customers.

What is the biggest SMM trend of 2022?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique environment for brands and users to communicate. They can and should be used to find like-minded people and build a strong connection. In doing so, it’s important to maintain a balance between the position of “Influencer” and someone who hears feedback from the audience.

Use in-depth analysis to better understand consumers, their opinions about your product/service and why they interact with it.

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