How to ”Humanize” a business account for subscribers – effective business promotion in social networks

The monetization of social networks has gone so far that a social network profile set in “business” mode can, in some cases, replace a small website. From such a page you can make a call, make a payment, ask a manager questions about a product, make a reservation, order delivery, and perform other purchase-related activities.


Focusing on these key actions, business owners and their SMM managers sometimes forget about the original idea of social networks and why the average user makes a page there. To register among the endless message boards? This is hardly the purpose of a newcomer to a social network.

How to “humanize” a business account for subscribers – effective business promotion in social networks

When this thesis is excluded from the focus, you can observe a very repulsive situation: the entire profile is filled with advertising appeals in some parts of it. The header of the profile lists commercial benefits and appeals to buy, each post talks about a product or service and also aggressively provokes purchase actions.

If the user needs a storefront, he will satisfy his need either in the online store of that brand or on a competitor’s network site. And a social media profile that isn’t originally intended for that purpose will, at best, be a transitory step in the sales chain.

A curveball arises – the owner of a business account wants to have a “live” and active social network profile in his sales arsenal, but instead he gets a colorful and, at the same time, dull page that everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. At this stage there are two solutions to the problem: either leave the maintenance of the “commodity” business profile, or play by the laws of promotion in social networks.


It is necessary to understand the main motivation for which people spend time in social networks – content consumption, entertainment, filling time pauses in the day. The genesis of commercial interest here begins when the content is interesting and engaging.

Content engaging is an individual concept and for each topic it is actually expressed in different formats. It is important to understand who consumes the content of a particular business profile, to make at least a conditional psychological portrait. It will help to understand what content is worth filling the profile with. In one case the emphasis is necessary on the aesthetics of presentation, design and creativity, and in the other it can be direct, but useful and informative content. In both cases, several of the subscriber’s needs that bring them closer to purchase are covered: the author’s expertise in the subject matter of the sale and filling the airwaves with interesting content. There’s a correlation here: by consuming interesting content, the subscriber is constantly paying attention to the product or service, which means the likelihood of a purchase increases.

By adapting all parts of the business profile to the desires of the audience, the profile owner gains their favor and by building on it, reduces the psychological barrier to purchase.

How to “humanize” a business account for subscribers – effective business promotion in social networks

When starting to implement this technique, you need to understand that entertaining and useful content should be more than 60% of the profile. And selling content should either be in the form of a product showcase or very natively presented in a part of the posts, adapted to the overall concept of the profile. Speaking of the concept, it’s worth noting it as the main useful component of the profile’s presence on the platforms. The main idea, what is it, what does this content give people? Having defined the main idea, it becomes much easier to create a content grid and choose the language of communication with the audience.

When the language is found and the dialogue is started, it is important not to lose it by getting excited. It is not uncommon to see situations where, after a few activities, an overt sale begins. It is important to stay the course. By maintaining restraint and commercial equanimity, there is a chance to get to the point in the SMM-promotion of the project, to the point where the business profile will begin to convert sales.

The main thing worth noting is the energy cost of promoting the business in social networks, which is increasing every year. But experience shows that those companies who have given this task meaning, saw the prospect in it and planned actions, now receive a tangible profit. It is just important to remember that the daily audience of social networks today makes up hundreds of millions of people, they are solvent and they have time to study your product!

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